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Halifax in miniature from Wainhouse Tower

Wainhouse Tower is a folly in Halifax, the main town in Calderdale in West Yorkshire, near to where I live (Hebden Bridge). 

It was originally built as a chimney for the dye works belonging to John Edward Wainhouse. The reason it is so tall (253ft!) was to disperse the smoke high above the town. The dye works was sold before the tower was finished and the new owner didn't want the half-built structure, so it was decided to finish off the chimney as a tower. 

Even thought it was built as a chimney originally, it is referred to as a folly because it was never used for its original purpose. On Bank Holiday Mondays Calderdale Council open the tower up to the public and those willing to climb the 403 steps can see some great views across the area.

I decided to use the height gain to create some tilt-shift style pictures of the area, which make the subject look like tiny models - these work particularly well when looking down from above. I recreated the effect in Photoshop - but it mimics the look that can be achieved with specialised tilt-shift lenses.

Take a look at the other examples in the gallery below, and please feel free to let me know what you think in the comments box!