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Arriving in Kathmandu

I am going to be spending the next few months in Nepal and India - mainly doing photography and video work with a couple of small charities: Our Sansar and the Linkylea Trust.

Great start to the trip with a free business class upgrade from London-Delhi! After a very brief wait in Delhi airport we got on the short flight to Kathmandu. Sadly I had no window seat and was on the wrong side of the plane but still managed to catch a glimpse of some snow-capped peaks.

I shared a taxi into Kathmandu with a Scottish couple I met at the airport, turns out we have mutual friends back home. Not the last of many of these little coincidences I'm sure! 

This was my first time in this part of the world. Even the taxi ride into Thamel (main tourist/backpackers area) was an assault on the senses - lane discipline and queueing are clearly not Nepali concepts. Exciting and fascinating though. Walking around the busy streets you have to be on your toes as there are cars, trucks, bikes, mopeds, motorbikes, tuk tuks etc all trying to barge/squeeze their way through the narrow streets and happy to cut it pretty fine.


The next night I ended up in a bar with my new local friend and guide Amish where they were playing live Nepali music. I was the only westerner in there but I was very welcomed and encouraged to do as much dancing as possible. Great fun!

Nursing a mild hangover, the next day I didn't do much photogaphy - just soaking up the atmosphere and trying to arrange trekking trips.

Later on I met up with a friend from back home who took us to a nice little music session at Places bar with Arrival Sound System and Cultivation Muzic providing some sweet live reggae/dub. 


I'm in Kathmandu for another day or two before setting off into the hills for some trekking before the real work begins. Any feedback/comments or shares much appreciated, thanks! More coming soon.....

*All pics taken on the Sony RX100 compact - not got the big camera out yet.*