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Parwanipur, Nepal

Here is a little slice of life from the place where I was living/working for around a month, in a children's home run by Our Sansar. The home is in Parwanipur, a small village in southern Nepal on the outskirts of a town called Birgunj - a few km away from the border with India. 

They call this region the terai or plains/flatlands. Culturally it is quite different from the mountainous regions of Nepal and the people are mostly of Indian origin - the most commonly spoken languages here are Hindi and Bhojpuri rather than Nepali.

It was totally fascinating to get to know a place that's so completely 'other' to me. This area is far away from the tourist-oriented parts of Nepal and very rarely sees any western visitors. Apart from other volunteers at the centre I didn't see any other westerners the whole time I was there. This has it's frustrations too and definitely makes you realise you are in a a bit of a bubble in tourist-friendly areas like Thamel in Kathmandu.